Booking period

The last 12 months before certification. A quantity comparison of all sites contained in the system boundary must be carried out annually: It must be demonstrated that there were sufficient inputs to produce the RAP, taking into account production losses.


A system for documenting and verifying the path of a suitable input material through all stages of transfer and production to the end product. RMUs are transmitted here.

Extended loop

a method that goes beyond closed loop recycling by allowing controlled material and geographical flexibility to adapt to the mass balance of a raw material basket.

RAP: Recycling Allocated Product

Recycling Allocated product, a product that affects the procurement of raw materials. A RAP is produced according to the mass balance principle: The eligible raw materials must be used physically in their value chain. The quantity of suitable raw materials required...

RMU capability

is required to establish the physical link between different locations (system boundaries) of a chain of custody. If there are sufficient transports of substances from one site to another, these can be regarded as contiguous for comparison with the mass balance.